AngelsForAshlyn, a company started in honor of a Pewaukee girl who was killed by a car while riding her bicycle, will host a kiosk event at Brookfield Square mall from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 18, next to Starbucks and across from Kay Jewelers.

The event will sell a new Coli Coral shirt. Customers wearing some type of AngelsForAshlyn apparel will receive a free AngelsForAshlyn wristband.

"It's kind of like a meet-and-greet, like we did at Moe's (Southwest Grill), and I thought that I would have this kiosk at Brookfield Square," explained Ashlyn's mom, Shannon Flegel, who started the company "We're going to put balloons everywhere, and I'm going to put one of those big backdrop things that says AngelsForAshlyn across it so kids can take pictures for Instagram and Music.ly and things like that."

After the event, a photographer will take a picture of three of Ashlyn's close friends for a Brookfield Square ad the next da. Flegel said the photographer is donating his services, as he was the photographer for Aspire Dance Studio in Pewaukee, where Ashlyn danced.

Flegel also said that the kids who watch the live.lys have asked her to come where they live, such as Texas, California or New York. Whether that happens will depend on how well this event does.

"I said, 'We'll see how much money we make. What we'll do is pray that we break even, and then after that, if there's more money made, and if it's enough for me to get a hotel or something, I would do it wherever the kids want me to go," Flegel said.

Flegel said she would like her company to eventually grow to give back to the community, similar to Ivory Ella, which sells clothing and gives 10 percent of its profits to Save the Elephants.

However, Flegel said she doesn't know what to tell people when they ask her what AngelsForAshlyn is. She said it's a hard question to answer because the ideas for what she sells don't come from her, but rather from the kids that have watched the live.lys.

"It belongs to the kids all over, all over the state. They give me all my ideas. They gave me the idea for the kiosk, and then they gave me the idea for the kiosk in another state," Flegel said.

"They said, 'We're like a family' and I said 'What's our goal?' because that was another thing people asked me. They said, 'Our goal is to keep Ashlyn's legacy going. I was like, 'OK.' If this following continues, then I can keep affording to do this."

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