Milwaukee PBS' news show "10thirtysix" recently aired a special interactive program about Milwaukee's lead crisis.

The show gave viewers the chance to ask their own questions to a panel of experts, including medical staff from Children's Hospital, Aurora Health Care and Sixteenth Street Community Health Center.

It was clear that concern over lead-contaminated drinking water is on the top of many parents' minds as some of the questions asked and answered included, "Is there a way I can test the level of lead coming out of my drinking faucet?"

Since young children are among the most vulnerable to lead poisoning, and dangerous lead levels have been found in day cares and schools throughout Milwaukee, this episode is one that should interest parents. Executives at Milwaukee PBS recognized that interest and will re-air the show on April 1 at 9 a.m. on Milwaukee PBS 36.

Additionally, the program is available to watch at the Milwaukee PBS website.

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