When kids visit the zoo, it's about more than just seeing cute animals (although that of course is awesome!). The educational programming at the zoo gives children the opportunity to learn about animals, habitats and conservation.

The zoo's ability to provide that education to students through field trips and Zoo Classes was recently given a boost by Thrivent Mutual Funds' gift of $100,000 to the zoo's Katz Conservation Education Center.

The money was used to upgrade technology in the center so that now kids can use tablets to bring their learning with them as they observe animals; use new microscopes to make scientific observations; and benefit from updated presentation technology.

David Royal, president of Thrivent, noted that the learning opportunities made available to students at the zoo are especially important for underprivileged children, who might not otherwise get the chance to use equipment like this.

For more information about the zoo's educational programs, visit the zoo's website.

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