Figuring out the best place to raise a family is a very personal decision. And, frankly, one that a lot of people don't put too much thought into. Many couples put down roots where they grew up. Or where they live due to their careers.

The  "best" place to raise a family is also very subjective. While one family may think the education options or housing choices make a city undesirable, another family may love the same city because it has great doctors and extended family lives nearby.

The personal finance website WalletHub attempted to quantify the best place to raise a family by analyzing 150 American cities based on a number of different criteria.

Milwaukee's overall ranking (#82) put it pretty much smack dab in the middle of family-friendly cities. While Milwaukee scored quite high in two categories, pretty dismal scores in three others pulled its ranking down.

Let's take the bad news first. Milwaukee ranked 137 out of 150 in health and safety, a category that looked at criteria such as violent crime rates, air and water quality, and infant mortality rates.

The analysis also claims that Milwaukee isn't all that affordable, ranking the city #124 after taking into consideration things like cost of living and housing affordability.

And, after looking at divorce rates, percentage of two-parent families, the number of families living below the poverty line and unemployment rates, Milwaukee ranked at 139 in the socioeconomic environment.

On to the good news! Milwaukee ranked 17th in family fun, as we evidently have lots of things for families to do here. Milwaukee also ranked really high, at #3, in education and child care. That was after things like daycare quality, child care costs and school system rankings were taken into consideration.

To find out more about how WalletHub did its analysis, click the link.

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