For the past six years, families in the Milwaukee area have gotten the opportunity to watch more than just animals on their summer visits to the Milwaukee County Zoo.

The Kohl's Wild Theater program has been delighting kids of all ages with what the Zoological Society describes as an "interactive theater program [that] uses drama, puppetry and song to bring important conservation messages to children and families."

And that important -- and fun -- mission is going to continue thanks to Kohl's philanthropic program Kohl's Cares. The organization recently announced that the Zoological Society will be receiving a three-year $1.4 million grant to continue the Wild Theater program.

Kohl's support allows the zoo to provide the shows free with admission to its guests. Those shows take place during summer months in the zoo's children's area. And you don't even have to go to the zoo to see the shows -- teams of actors also travel to schools and community events, free of charge, to share the conservation message.

For more information about Kohl's Wild Theater, visit zoosociety.org.

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