Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, along with community partners Lifecourse Initiative for Healthy Families at United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County, and Serve Marketing, recently unveiled the latest phase of Milwaukee's Strong Baby Campaign.

The campaign's purpose is to reduce infant mortality in the city, where each year an average of 100 infants die before their first birthday.

Complications related to prematurity are the leading cause of those infant deaths; thus the focus on keeping babies strong.

The newest phase is focused on spreading awareness of the city health department's home visiting programs. These are free programs that match parents and parents-to-be with experts on prenatal and postnatal care, the fatherhood initiative and other community assistance programming. The hope is that if more families take advantage of home visits from experts, they will be more informed about healthy pregnancy and childcare, leading to healthier and stronger babies who are less vulnerable to bad outcomes.

The city's program will be promoted through outdoor and bus advertisements, through a new website and through social media channels.

For more information, visit the Strong Baby website.

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