Betty Brinn Children's Museum (BBCM) has always been one of the premier places to go for hands-on fun in Milwaukee.

BBCM has just upped the ante by remodeling Pocket Park, the pretend urban park exhibit designed for the littlest kids.

All parents know that kids love to pretend to be grownups, which explains the popularity of the children's museum's Home Town exhibit where kids can pretend to shop at Sendik's, ride a bus, deliver mail as a postal worker and more.

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Now that role-playing fun is being expanded at Pocket Park, where the following hands-on pretend play opportunities will be added to the already existing treehouse with a slide, toy-filled sandbox and gardening activities.

  • Children's Hospital of Wisconsin doctor's office with pretend babies
  • a shoe store
  • a public library
  • a kindergarten classroom
  • a sailboat with fishing activities
  • a potting shed
  • a groundskeeper's office
  • a designated space for infants

Not only are all these pretend play activities fun for little kids, but they're also important for their development. According to BBCM, such play provides "opportunities for age-appropriate play and active adult/child engagement that supports the development of critical literacy, school-readiness and social skills."

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