March 20-26 is Poison Prevention Week. Take time this week to make sure all potential hazardous items are out of harm's way in your house.

Here is some helpful information from Safety 1st:

Hazards in the Kitchen: 

Cabinets and drawers contain many hazards, such as cleaning supplies, plastic bags, breakable and sharp objects can be a choking hazard. Be sure to lock all cabinets and drawers to keep your child away from the contents. The OutSmart Slide Lock, Flex Lock, and Multi-Use Lock are great options for keeping little ones out of cabinets and drawers they shouldn’t be in.

If possible, try and move all cleaning supplies, including dishwasher detergent, to a locked closet or a cabinet that is up high and out of your child's reach.

What to look for in the bathroom:

Keep cabinets and drawers locked to prevent children from accessing medications, toothpaste, perfumes, lotions, deodorant, mouthwash, even dipper rash cream etc - all of which can be dangerous if ingested. In the tub, keep soaps and shampoos out of your child's reach.

Invest in a toilet lock. Children can drown in one inch of water. It’s also a good idea to keep doors to bathrooms closed.

Beyond the medicine cabinet:

Make sure you safely dispose of any unneeded or expired medications. Medicine often looks like candy and it only take a second for a child to pop it in his or her mouth. In 67 percent of emergency room visits for medicine poisoning, the medicine was left within reach of the child, such as in a purse, on a counter, or under a sofa cushion (Safe Kids).

Other areas of concern:

Exploring is great but some adventures should not be taken without the supervision of a parent. OutSmart Knob Covers help keep on-foot explorers from wandering into unwanted areas, such as the laundry room. If there is not a door for the laundry room make sure you have a gate up. Children have been known to climb in front loader washers and dryers and get stuck inside.

Need help?

Save the toll-free Poison Help line number on your phone or put it on the refrigerator: 1-800-222-1222. The Poison Help line is not just for emergencies, you can call with questions about how to take or give medicine, concerns about plants, chemicals, carbon monoxide, bites, stings and more.

Need more home safety help? Try Safety 1st’s new Home Safety calculator.

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