A new consortium at Marquette University aims to increase awareness and research on autism spectrum disorder.

“With the increasing rate of autism being seen in children, it’s important for Marquette to respond right now to increase research and develop efforts to raise awareness of autism spectrum disorder,” said Amy Vaughan Van Hecke, associate professor of psychology who directs the consortium. “This is a real indication of our commitment to autism awareness, student support and research.”

The group, which is comprised of Marquette faculty, plan to develop resources for individuals and families, increase collaborative efforts and community connections and build on research.

Multiple research studies on autism spectrum conditions currently are being conducted at Marquette, including brain and physiological responses to social skills treatments in adolescents and young adults, training community members to identify autism in young children and technology development for autism screening at toddler well-checks.

According to the National Health Interview Survey released in November, one in 45 children have a prevalence for autism and other related developmental disabilities.

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