When it's cold outside, sometimes our instinct is to wait out the weather by becoming a hermit and hunkering down in our house.

But our kids likely won't let us do that, and let's be honest, it's not that great for us either. We need to get outside, even when it's cold.

It is important, however, to take safety into consideration when we venture out in the cold weather though. The Kohl's Cares Grow Safe & Healthy Program, a local partnership between Kohl's Cares and Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, has come out with five tips for keeping the kids safe in the cold weather.

1. Layers -- We all know layers are important when venturing out into the cold, but the Grow Safe & Healthy Program also recommends avoiding cotton in those layers -- it doesn't hold heat well, but unfortunately does hold moisture well, as it doesn't dry out very quickly after all that romping around in the snow.

2. It may seem counter-intuitive in the cold, dreary weather, but water and sunscreen are just as important when the weather is cold as when you're sweltering away in the summer months!

3. Make sure you monitor your kids when they're outside. Don't send them outside if it's dangerously cold, and when it is okay for them to be outside, make sure you check on them often so they don't get too cold.

4. Know what to do in case your child does exhibit symptoms of frostbite (put the affected area in warm -- not hot -- water, do not rub, and call the pediatrician) or hypothermia (Excessive shivering, slurred speech and unusual behavior as a result of being out in the cold warrant a 911 call.)

5. Know when you should actually just hunker down and become a hermit. Dangerous weather means to stay inside! Kids shouldn't be playing outside if the temperature or wind chill drops into the teens or below.

Check out the Kohl's Safe and Healthy website for more information.

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