For a lot of us, the end of daylight savings time is a happy time. What's not to like about getting an extra hour in your nice cozy bed at just the time of year when you crave coziness and warmth?

Well, a lot of parents of young kids might find that that extra hour of "sleep" isn't all that restful, as the kids wake up ready to go, go, go at their regular time, or have trouble falling asleep at night.

Sleep expert Joan Becker Friedman with Pea Pod Sleep Consultants has some advice on how to get your kids' sleep schedule adjusted for the end of daylight savings time -- so everyone can have restful nights.

Friedman suggests starting early to adjust sleep schedules. About a week ahead of time, you should start gradually moving your child's bedtime 15 minutes later so that by November 5 (a day ahead of time in order to have the kids completely adjusted before they have to head back to school or daycare), the new bedtime is established.

You should also make sure that you adjust naptimes and mealtimes accordingly.

And, of course, this is a good time to make sure your kids have solid sleep habits in general. Friedman reminds parents that their children's bedrooms should be cool and dark, that there should be solid bedtime and naptime transition routines, and that children's days shouldn't start before 6 a.m. regardless of when the sun comes up.

Check out the Pea Pod Sleep Consultants blog for more information.

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