Probably the most universal piece of baby equipment in this day and age is the car seat. Regardless of how many difficulties new parents face in installing them correctly, how controversial the question of how long to rear-face, or how complex the car seat transfer dance can be in making sure everyone responsible for pick-ups has one, you'd be hard-pressed to find a parent who doesn't acknowledge that riding in a car seat is safer.

Safe Kids Worldwide has been working since 1988 to decrease childhood injuries, and a key component to that has been to teach parents how to properly install their car seats.

The organization holds countless Safe Kids Buckle Up events throughout the country, where parents are encouraged to bring in their vehicles for car seat checks. But, as president and CEO of Safe Kids Worldwide Kate Carr points out, "Not every parent can make it to one of the thousands of car seat checkup events."

That's the reasoning behind Safe Kids' new resource for parents, "The Ultimate Car Seat Guide."

This guide, which can be accessed at UltimateCarSeatGuide.org, gives easy instructions on buying, installing, making sure you have the right fit, and when to change the type of car seat your child is in. Then the guide gets even more user-friendly, allowing you to enter your child's date of birth and weight to personalize specific car seat tips for your child.

It's a great resource for parents who are trying to keep their kids safe in their cars.

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