Milwaukee company Miller Baking Co. has been making Pretzilla products since 2007, when they decided they wanted to make a better-tasting pretzel bun for the local community, one that was light, tasty and even slightly sweet.

Pretzilla is now releasing two new products -- pretzel bites and pretzel bites with cheese dip. In honor of these new products from a local company, here are the three top reasons these soft pretzel products are great for kids.

1. They make school lunches more palatable. I don't know about you, but I have two kids who find sandwich bread undesirable for different reasons. When I'm making lunches, I have to cut the crust off for one kid, and I have to toast the bread for the other kid if I have any hope at all of them actually eating their sandwiches. Pretzel buns help to solve that problem. Whats not to love about your favorite sandwich fillings encased in a soft pretzel?

2. They make snack time more interesting. Moms everywhere know how many snacks have to be provided throughout the day. We've got morning snack at school, we've got after-school snacks, we've got bedtime snacks, and that's not even touching how many snacks we have to have on hand for weekend outings, soccer games and playdates. The new Pretzilla bites are perfect for this. And best of all, you get the yumminess of soft pretzels without the need to bake frozen or visit the closest stadium!

3. They're allergy-friendly. These pretzel bites do contain wheat, but (with the exception of the cheese dip), they're free of every other top eight allergen, and they're made in a peanut-free and nut-free facility.

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