Looking for some fun Valentine's Day ideas? Here are some products that were tested out by Milwaukee-area kids and their moms -- stickers pretty enough to give to all your friends, fruit snacks festive enough to give as classroom valentines and a popcorn popper efficient enough to prep a family party snack.

StickerBeans Rhinestone Stickers

stickerbeans.com, $3.50-$55

Give the 2-inch stickers as Valentine's gifts to your school friends, collect them yourself in a sticker album, or bling out your rooms with the jumbo wall stickers.

"Alex loves the added touch of sparkle she sees on her Chrome Book when she opens it up to do her homework, and Wendy's mirror is now blinged out from her own StickerBean sticker."

Other decorating suggestions? Notebooks, lockers, jewelry boxes, anything you're okay with your kid decorating!

Added bonus -- these stickers are able to be re-positioned even after placing them, as Alex discovered when she changed her mind about the best place for her rhinestone sticker.

Reviewed by: Amy, mom of Alex (12) and Wendy (8)

Valentine's Day Welch's Fruit Snacks

Target, 28-count box, $4.99

These fruit snacks are packaged, ready and great to give for Valentine's Day. They have the "to" and "from" label right on the wrapper, and the 28 packages included in the box is the perfect amount for most classrooms. Plus, they're free of all eight major food allergens.

The heart shapes "are really cute and perfect for Valentine's Day! I would much rather Aiden get these as a treat than too much candy."

Reviewed by: Terry, mom of Aiden (4) and Aubrey (9 months)

chef'n PopTop Popcorn Popper

chefn.com, $19.99

If your ideal Valentine's Day celebration includes hanging out with your sweeties during a family movie or game night, this fun re-usable, silicone, microwaveable popcorn popper is for you.

Just put your kernels and a little bit of oil in the popper, and put it in the microwave, and in a few minutes you'll have up to 10 cups of popcorn to share with your family.

"It was the perfect amount for two people to share, and it worked really well. I didn't even have to add butter and salt; it's nice to have such a healthy, easy snack option."

Reviewed by: Karen, mom of Luke (9)

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