These products were tested by Milwaukee-area moms and their kiddos.

Sweetooth Teether

This baby teeter is shaped like an ice cream cone and is make from non-toxic Sweetoothsilicone.


This fits well into my son's hand, and the texture on the cone and swirls in the ice cream are appealing for him to feel and put in his mouth. I appreciate that it's made in Wisconsin and supports a local business. My only wish is that it had a place to attach a tether to keep it close at hand.

— Stacey, mom of Oliver (6), Samuel (3) and Max (6 months)

Philips SonicarePhilips Sonicare

Rechargeable toothbrush


This was a super fun toothbrush that really encouraged my 4-year-old to brush his teeth, both morning and before bed! He loved being able to customize his brush and the interactive game that lets him earn prizes for his pet "Sparkly." Although a bit expensive, it is rechargeable and lasts so much longer than the battery-operated one we had been using. You can buy new heads for the brush when the time is needed. The vibration was a little strong at first (even on the low setting), but he got used to it and was always happy to go brush his teeth.

— Shawna, mom of Eli (4)

Baby Starter Kit from California Baby California Baby

Bubble bath, lotion, shampoo and hair detangler.


California Baby really does a nice job of putting together products that parents can feel good about using on their kids. These products are very gentle on babies skin and hair while at the same time soothes and leaves babies smelling fresh. They even come in BPA free bottles!

— Corrine, mom of Colline (22 months)

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