These products can help make the day-to-day life with a baby or toddler go a little more smoothly.

Medela Calma

This breastmilk feeding set comes with an all-stage nipple, two bottles, one cap and two lids. It's designed to help transition a baby from breast to bottle.









They worked amazingly for my 3-month-old-son, Tristan. He adapted to the nipple well. I liked that I could use the nipple on the 8 oz and 4 oz Medela bottles I had. It is a little tricky at first to get it put back together after cleaning the nipple. I would recommend this to any parent who has an infant that is dealing with reflux or gas issues. I noticed a significant improvement in my sons demeanor after drinking from this bottle. He is mostly breastfed, but when he needs to drink from a bottle, I make sure this is the first one he uses."

Erin, mom of Tristan (3 months) and Kaiden (2)

Thermal-Aid heating and cooling packs

These stuffed animals can go in the freezer or microwave to help with injuries, sore muscles, etc.

Thermal Aid






These Thermal-Aid animals are fantastic. Perfect for those bumps, bruises and other minor moments of sadness that kids experience. Not too cold, but still soothing enough for temporary relief. Although I would not recommend them for serious injuries or pain, I definitely recommend both the regular sized and mini Thermal-Aid animals for all families with young kids.

Eric, dad of Jordyn (11), Reyna (9) and Tyler (6)


These wipes don't contain any chemicals - simply water and grapefruit seed extract. 

Water Wipes


Pack of 60 wipes/$5,


Although I no longer have an infant, my youngest guy has sensitive skin, so I'm always looking for chemical-free products. These wipes cleaned a dirty bottom just as well as any of the more mainstream options.

Liz, mom of Sam (6), Henry (4) and Jonah (2)

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