These products were tested by Milwaukee-area families.

Nerf Action Cam

A digital sports camcorderspecifically designed foryounger handlers.

$44.99Nerf action camera

The Nerf camera is a very unique device for kids. I love being able to see what my kids see from their perspective. It clips on easily to any helmet, and the quality of the picture is very nice — rivals my flip camcorder. I did not utilize the waterproof aspect that it offers but will do so shortly when we go on vacation. Overall, I would highly recommend this piece of equipment to any mom and kid.

— Erin, mom of Kyla (6) and Kaylin (3)


A washable clothhighchair that attachesto a regular chair.


Portable and stylish, the Totseat is good to have on hand for spoon-fed babies. It kept my 12-month-old comfortably secured at a kid-sized table. Not recommended for tots who eat finger foods as it is not compatible with a booster seat or high chair (baby can't reach table top).

— Meghan, mom of Brynn (6), Chloe (3) and Nathan (1)


A 2-part rug systemthat allows you to remove and wash the top half.


With no eat-in kitchen, our dining room carpet takes a toddler-sized beating daily. This two-part area rug is a great solution under our son's seat, protecting the floor from mealtime mayhem. It lies nice and flat with no curl-up edges to trip on. And it's a breeze to pick up the lightweight top layer and shake it out the porch door, or drop it in the laundry.

— Amy, mom of Alex (2)

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