Milwaukee-area families tested an amazing array of products this month that will keep kids entertained, occupied and clean!

Paddy’s Bathroom products

Certified organic and natural shampoo, hand soap and bubble bath from the creators of Ella’s Kitchen baby food.

$6.99-$8.99, paddysbathroom.comPaddy

These days, with heads full of sand and mud-caked legs, my boys take a bath each day. The shampoo and bubble bath not only did a good job getting them clean, but they smell so good with scents of pineapples and tangerines. The shampoo comes out as a foam, which the boys thought was cool. And my boys have never met a bubble bath they didn’t like. The hand soap is good, too, with a scent of lemons. Of course, as a mom, I like these products because they don’t contain things like sulphates and parabens.

— Liz, mom of Sam (5), Henry (4) and Jonah (2)

Bumbo Multi Seat with Bumbo Playtop Safari

A new 3-in-1 seat that functions as a floor, booster and feeding seat.

$44.99/seat, $14.99/tray, bumbousa.comBumbo

The versatility of the Bumbo Multi Seat is unmatched compared to other child seats and highchairs. The soft durable insert made it perfect to safely hold my 9-month-old. The tray included with the Bumbo snaps in place and can be stored conveniently in the back when not in use. The Safari Tray entertained her for some time but was not essential. My 3-year-old also enjoyed using the Bumbo as a booster chair at our kitchen table. I can see the Bumbo replacing our current highchair! I would recommend the Bumbo to any parent or expecting parent. This seat will grow with your child and stand up to years of use.

— Lauren, mom of Lucas (3) and Natalie (9 months)

Aquapod Bottle Launcher

A bottle launcher that uses a bike pump, bottle and water, sending a bottle up 100 feet into the air.Aquapod bottle launcher


The Aquapod Bottle Launcher did not disappoint! The kids waited anxiously while Dad pumped air into the “rocket,” and then pulled the string to “blast” it off, watching it go almost 100 feet up! This product can be used over and over again. Using Vaseline was the trick to make it work every time!

— Shawna, mom of Nathanyal (15), Gabe (12), Grace (7) and Eli (3)

Chalk Ink Markers

Liquid chalk markers that work like a paint pen.Chalk  Ink


My three older children loved the Chalk Ink markers! They were easy to use on a variety of surfaces, including mirrors, windows, the refrigerator door and labeling plastic bags. They wipe off easily with water or window cleaner and are super durable. We would highly recommend them!

— Julie, mom of Rebecca (10), Joseph (8), Elizabeth (7), Caroline (14 months) and Nicole (14 months)

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