When it’s time to pack up the kids for that long-awaited vacay, it’s good to have some gear to reduce the challenges of traveling with kids.

The Cibo

A placemat that catches food or other messes your child might create while sitting at a table.Cibo


Both my kids and I enjoyed the brightly colored Cibo placemat. It eliminated any food dropping into my girls’ laps and also the floor. A few times we took the placemat on the go, as we regularly visit resturants. We found it easy to roll up, wipe off and then place back into the diaper bag. Bonus: the Cibo also sticks to any flat surface. I will be recommending it to all our friends with small children and any adults who may be messy eaters.

— Allison, mom of Riley (3) and Drew (18 months)

Contigo Kids Gizmo Sip

A water bottle that is 100 percent spill-proof and leak-proof.


I loved the Gizmo Sip cup! It is strong and durable. The thing I love about it most is that it absolutely does not leak! Not even a drop! The mechanism you need to push to drink out of it is a little tricky. My 2-year-old had a hard time with it, but my 5-year-old had no issues using it. It has become his go-to water bottle. For me it was easy to clean, easy to use, and I would recommend it to others.

— Liz, mom of Eli (5) and Oliver (2)

Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus

A wrinkle spray that can eliminate odors and remove static.Downy


For someone who doesn't like to iron, it is wonderful! It was easy to spray, tug and smooth. The wrinkles were gone in a few minutes and the clothes smelled great! This Downy product would be great for travel. It also works as a way to freshen up couches and rugs. It worked great on the dog's bed. Great product. I will definitely buy this in the future!

— Jean, mom of Allison (14), Daniel (10), dog named Randall

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