Flu and cold seasons are in full swing. Just in case your family gets sick, Milwaukee-area families tested some products to aid in your recovery.

Starry Night Cool Moisture Humidifier (V3700) Vicks

Evaporative system filters impurities from water. A projector transforms the room into a starry night sky. $49.99, kaz.com/vicks

This humidifier gives a great amount of moisture—no dry throat in the morning for our little girl. The noise volume is perfect to block out house noises but also has a quiet option. The starry night feature is such a fun bonus.

–Sarah, mom of Sadie (6), Finn (5), Jude (3) and Reece (1)

Forehead thermometerThermometer

Captures temperature by scanning the heat from the forehead. $35, exergen.com

My family absolutely loves this! The twins giggle as if it tickles. I compared it to our ear and rectal thermometers and found it incredibly accurate—within .2 degrees, plus less invasive and much quicker. You also don't need to buy probe covers.

–Alison, mom of Loralei (6) and twins Lucas and Logan (10 months)

Boogie Wipes and Mist Boogie Wipes

Wipes and spray dissolve mucus gently. $3.99/$6.29, boogiewipes.com

The wipes are useful for colds and post-tantrum cleanup, and easily portable in the diaper bag. The mist works fine to relieve stuffiness, but my son squirmed and cried. Perhaps it would work better on an older child.

–Amy, mom of Alex (20 months)

Kiss My Face Lip BalmKiss My Face

Gluten-free, paraben-free with all-natural flavors, SPF 15. $2.62, kissmyface.com

The strawberry-flavored lip balm smells great and has a smooth texture. You can taste the wonderful fruity flavor. I also like that it stays on for a long time and helps with chapped lips.

–Anastasia (11)

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