Good things really do come in small packages. Here are some gift ideas for your little elves.

Jingle PawsJingle Paws by Margaret Wise Brown

Age 4–8, hardcover $9.99,

When the weather outside is frightful, a holiday rhyme by this cherished children’s author is a simple delight. This gentle charmer follows a cat through the house, looking for a mouse to chase, until he discovers nighttime visitor Jingle Paws, briinging gifts to good little pets.

Nearly 40 years after Margaret Wise Brown’s death, dozens of her unpublished stories were found in a cedar-lined trunk, stored in the attic of a Vermont barn. This December two more of her stories are released:

One More Rabbit

This story will have your little one laughing and counting and finally asking, “How do that many rabbits fit in one hollow tree stump?”

Noon Balloon

Beatifully illustrated, your child will want to linger on each page to soak in all the colorful details! A boy and girl take the Noon Balloon on a rhyming adventure—from the sea where mermaids play, to a secret village in the trees.


Night Before ChristmasNight Before Christmas

Age 0–8, $34.99.

My Magic Snowman

Age 0–8, $29.95.

There’s nothing like reading a story when the leading character is your child! He will love seeing his name and his face pop up throughout these personalized stories. These well-constructed books are a definite keepsake.



Age 6+, $17.99.

Sometimes it takes a goofy thing-a-ma-jiggie to get your child to take a break from screen time. This stainless-steel spring toy (reminds us of a slinky) might intrigue your future engineer (at least for a few minutes) as she tries to figure out how it works. 


Mad Libs Hanukkah Mad Libs and Mr. Men, Little Miss Christmas Mad Libs

 Age 9–12, $3.99.

 Holidays are memorable when everyone’s laughing. Mad Libs might even  get Uncle Humbug smiling. Players fill in the blank spaces until they have a silly, shocking, crazy, or just a ridiculous story to tell.


Angelina Ballerina Angelina Ballerina: A Chipping Cheddar Christmas

 Age 3–5, $4.99.

 Fans of the tiny mouse will enjoy this sweet story of how Angelina  earns enough money to buy Chistmas gifts. Plus, the back page is filled with colorful stickers!


PlayTape PlayTape

 Age 3+, $7.00,

 Let your child’s imagination take over, creating endless roads or track for toy cars and trains. This special tape is easy to remove and leaves no residue.



TatoosTemporary tattoos

Age infant+,

Because forever is such a looong time, a local mom-preneur has created these super cute tats for face, earlobes, nails, shoes ... anywhere! Easy to put on and lasts several days. For girls and boys, and moms, too!


Marcus TheatresMovie gift card

Who doesn't love a good movie? This is an easy gift to give, and Marcus Theatres is running a promotion for a special holiday gift card now through Jan. 4. For every $25 gift card you buy, you receive $5 to use at the concessions counter. 





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