From a better way to display your child’s art to a new twist on story time, Milwaukee area families tested some items you and your child can use every day.


Personalized, waterproof name labels are dishwasher, washing machine and dryer safe.


These decals stick to anything—jackets, backpacks, lunchboxes. I stuck a “no nuts” label to my daughter’s lunch thermos. The decals go through the dishwasher at least once a day. The results? Amazing! No fading, no tearing; they are extremely durable!

–Amy, mom of Alex (10) and Wendy (6)

Kid-TestedDisplay frame

Reusable plastic frame with removable mounting squares.


My child’s art work slips into the frame with ease. I put the mounting squares to the test by removing the frame several times to get it level on the wall. My son is pleased to see his art work displayed.

–Ralene, mom of Lenox (5), Sofia (3) and Renzo (7 months)


Combo of underwear and fitted shorts for girls who wear dresses.


My 6-year-old loves her broxies! She says they are very comfortable and she likes the pink lace. She likes to wear them as shorts and to bed as pajamas. I like that she can go on the monkey bars without showing her underwear. We definitely recommend this product!

–Alicyn, mom of Amanda (12), Amber (6) and Annie (4)

Easy Tie

Color-coded shoelaces help children learn to tie.


My 6-year-old, who is learning to tie her shoes, likes the colors of the laces. The different colored right and left laces help her discriminate one from the other. Overall, these can be a helpful tool if your child has difficulty, but learning to tie shoes is still likely to be a challenging task.

–Meghan, mom of Brynn (6), Chloe (3) and Nathan (3 months)


Soap-free, dye-free, no-more-tears way to tackle tangles.


My daughters have very thin curly hair which easily gets tangled. These products are amazing! It has reduced my time of combing their hair from 2 hours to 30 minutes! It’s a 3-step process with shampoo/conditioner, leave-in-conditioner and detangling spray. Using only one won’t fully condition their hair, but using all three leaves their hair soft, curly and tangle-free all day.

–Cha, mom of Truth (4) and Shalom (1)

Weirdo Calhoun and the Odd Men Out

Story of a kid who brings life and color to Squaresville. CD offers three musical accompaniments.


I love how the story displays the success of being different. This is refreshing in a time when kids just want to be like their friends. The music has a wonderful rhythm. The speed of the rapping is tough for my 6 ½-year-old to follow while he reads, but the option of the CD reading the story sends a wonderful message. A definite thumbs up.

–Sini, mom of Dhilon (6 ½) and twins Gianna and Nadia (3½)

Smart Songs for Active Children

Vincent Nunes’ 7th CD for fun and learning. $10,

The kids absolutely love this CD. They have a great time moving and dancing to the music. The songs are fun and so positive. I love how he sings about values and daily living, and he teaches in a fun way.

–Kelly, mom of Wyatt (7), Maddy (6) and Angel (3)


Latex-free, flexible fabric bandages with pull tab for easy one-handed application.


These are great for children to apply on their own. The package opens quickly and easily while keeping the bandage sterile. The bandage is strong and stays put without irritating the skin. Bandages are bundled by size so you don't waste time searching for the right size. A great addition to a parent's stash!

–Sadhana, mom of Maya (11), Kyle (6), Daven (4) and Carter (2) 

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