April showers bring ... more fun indoors! Milwaukee-area families tested some items guaranteed to sprout some smiles on a rainy day. There are a few useful items, too.

The go-anywhere highchair

Portable HighchairLightweight chair with an attached tray requires no assembly. $67.99

It folds up so easily, you can toss it in your car with the rest of your picnic chairs. It is really easy to clean. My 1 1/2-year-old fits perfectly in the chair. It's very study and safe and seems like it will last a long time. My only complaint is the tray tilts slightly, so depending on the food, it could slide right onto your baby.

- Sarah, mom of Sadie (6), Finn (5), Jude (3) and Reece (1 1/2) 


DisruptusExamine the object on the card and improve it, transform it or completely disrupt it. Ages 10+. $24.99,

I love games the help develop and challenge our creative side, and this game does those things. It's a little tricky to catch on to, but the directions are extremely easy to follow. Younger kids can join in with some assistance. It could be a great party game and played in teams - a worthy addition to anyone's game closet.

- Amy, mom of Tori (10), Jeremy (8) and Claire (6) 

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters DVD

Percy JacksonPercy and his demigod friends embark on an epic journey battling terrifying creatures, an army of zombies and the ultimate evil. Rated PG. $21

Fun, action-filled movie that sticks pretty closely to the book. My twins love the movie, but are just a little disappointed that a funny part of the book (when one of the characters is turned into a hamster) isn't in it. I love the very strong lead female characters. Overall, it's very entertaining and we all recommend the movie!

- Tracy, mom of twins Sydney and Sean (11)

Ella Jenkins: 123s and ABCs

Ella JenkinsThe "first lady of children's music" teaches counting and the alphabet in multiple languages. $11.98,

We LOVE this CD. My 4- and 3-year-old like to turn it up, dance and do the motions to each song. Ella Jenkins has a pleasing voice and gives clear instructions. It is also fun to hear the children on the CD laugh and sing along. It would make a great gift for a teacher. We will be enjoying this for quite some time.

- Ralene, mom of Lenox (4) and Sofia (3)

Rubber Duckie and Friends

Rubber DuckieA gentle-flow, hand held shower head. $24.99,

My girls love that they can spray themselves and be in charge! The water comes out just right. My kids had so much fun getting clean the first time that I wasn't paying attention to the mess outside the shower!

- Alicyn, mom of Amber (5 1/2) and Annie (4) 


Who? What? Where? and When? by Leo Lionni

Lionni booksFour board books that ask a simple questions on each page. Ages 0-3. $5.99,

I am impressed with the sturdiness of the books. They can withstand the abuse from a toddler. The illustrations are clean, simple and not too busy. I ask my son questions about the illustrations, and he rambles on and on about the picture and even creates an entirely new story. This series has become a favorite and at least one is handed to me every night before bedtime.

- Maylani, mom of Chasya (4) and Elijah (2)



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