New beginnings and new things—these are what new baby brings! Take a look at these items Milwaukee-area parents recommend for the latest addition to the family.



Stick Anywhere night light


LED light affixes to any surface. Senses motion 15 feet away. 




Keeping the bathroom and hallway light on doesn’t conserve energy and keeps Mom and Dad awake, so this night light is perfect with its small design, motion detector, soothing light and ability to shut off after 30 seconds. It has made us all very comfortable at night. 


–Cindy, mom of Colton (6), Evangeline (4) and Boyd (2) 



Baby Sees and Baby Loves Colors by Dave Aikins


 A board book series to stimulate a baby’s senses. $6.99  each


 This series is excellent for little ones. Bold contrasting colors catch their  attention. Illustrations are simple and easily recognizable, and the sturdy pages  withstand chewing and baby hands. 


 –Veronica, mom of Isaac (4) and Ian (1)




Hybrid glass bottle


Removable glass insert with translucent green plastic sleeve. Ages 0–3 months. 8 ounce/$19.98


The fear of glass shattering has kept me from making the switch, but with this "hybrid," the glass bottle is placed into a BPA-free plastic bottle. My son, who normally nurses, does not have any trouble with it, and we have had no problems with leakage.


–Amy, mom of Maggie (3) and Will (2 months)





All natural products cater to a child's skin physiology. $19.99


The 3-in-1 tearless shampoo, body wash and moisturizer produce lots of lather and could double as a bubble bath. The body lotion and the face cream are thick but not greasy, and the citrus scent is light and refreshing. The wipes are soft, thick and completely biodegradable. What’s best is they don’t irritate my daughter’s sensitive skin!


–Marquel, mom of Mya (age 2)



Baby video monitor


Includes built-in night vision, 2-way communication and eight hours of video screen time. $99.99,


The wireless system is very portable and reaches all corners of our house. The ability to talk through the unit and play lullabies is a nice feature, although the volume is a bit high. We also had to cover the bright green light on the camera with tape. The video quality is decent for the price. While not perfect, the monitor serves its purpose and I recommend. 


–Julie, mom of Rebecca (9), Joseph (7), Elizabeth (5), newborn twins Caroline and Nicole



Cable knit blanket


 Made of thermal regulating, organically grown, bamboo viscose  and cotton. $44,


 The weight and texture are perfect so a toddler can stay warm but  not overheat. The peace of mind that comes from organic  materials is superb, and the size is good for a child who does the  tour of her bed throughout the night. The blanket washes up well  and actually withstood a color marker! (Don't ask.)


 –Montine, mom of Simone (2)




The essential snack pack


 BPA-free bowl with two compartments. Soft tip spoon clips inside the lid for travel.  Ages 6 months+. $14.95


 I love that this has a spot for the spoon so I won’t forget it. The divider allows for two  different foods in the same container. Feeding my son outside of the home is not  easy, but this container helps. And being dishwasher safe is a definite plus. 


 –Kathleen, mom of Audrey (3) and Davis (1)








Washable, squashable chair harness turns almost any chair into a highchair. $36 


It can be stuffed in a diaper bag and is machine washable. My son still resists being restrained but he is not able to get out. I feel he is safe with me sitting close by at all times. I recommend it.


–Veronica, mom of Ian (8 months) and Isaac (3½) 






Toddler dinnerware 


Classic melamine set of child-sized dinnerware. $48


The set is beautiful and packaged in a nice box with a clasp. The three-sectioned plate and utensils are light— ideal for children learning to use. It’s all easily washed by hand or in the dishwasher. The sippy cup does not have a stopper so liquids come out fast, but the set would make a beautiful gift. 


–Carrie, mom of Aiden (4) and Hana (2)






Goodnight Songs 


by Margaret Wise Brown


A picture book of lullabies put to music. Ages 3–6 $17.95,


My children were extremely excited about another book by Margaret Wise Brown. The illustrations are gorgeous and have spurred conversations. My daughter has fallen asleep to the CD every night. It is beautifully packaged; I would absolutely purchase this as a baby shower gift. 


–Maggie, mom of Emma (4½) and Jaxon (2½)



Baby laundry soap, balm and bar soap


Made from only natural ingredients. $24.95-laundry, $8.95-soap, $


These products make me feel great about being healthy and earth friendly. I really like the organic detergent. It does have a unique smell that takes some time to get used to, but it cleans nicely, and you can't smell the detergent once the clothes are dry. The bar soap cleans effectively and my kids love it. My favorite item is the balm. I can use it for diaper rash, moisturizing, wounds and the list goes on. I will keep using these products!


–Kelly, mom of Wyatt (7), Maddy (5) and Angel (3)


Stroller organizer 


Made from neoprene with a large zippered compartment, a mesh pocket and two insulated bottle holders. $29.99,


This is easy to clip on our stroller, and holds two sippy cups, a few diapers, wipes and some snacks with ease, leaving the stroller’s cup holders for mommy and daddy. It is stylish, not bulky, and can be folded. In a pinch, it can double as a changing pad. 


–Vicki, mom of Illias (5) and Nora (2)


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