Hey, mom, I bet all you want for Christmas is something you want, rather than something you don't need.

Why not make your shopping elves a little list? These suggestions are organized by Mom types to help.

Bookish Mom

  • eReader
  • Bookseller gift card
  • eBook gift card
  • Book light
  • Audio book subscription

Fitness Mom

  • Exercise DVDs
  • Running store gift card
  • Sporty headphones
  • Water bottle
  • Jump rope

Zen Mom

  • Yoga mat
  • Desktop zen garden
  • Yoga class gift certificate
  • Tea pot with tea cups
  • Green tea assortment

Writer Mom

  • Mom writer book or eBook
  • Fancy pen or assortment of pens
  • Notepads or journal
  • Hip laptop bag
  • Writing magazine subscription

Stylish Mom

  • Jewelry holder
  • Lipstick/lip gloss tote
  • Scarf rack
  • Sparkly keychain bob
  • Fashion magazine subscription

Green Mom

  • Thrift store gift card
  • Solar-powered watch
  • Composter
  • CSA (community supported agriculture) membership
  • Reusable shopping bags in various sizes

Work Away-From-Home Mom

  • Smart shoulder bag
  • Scheduling apps for smart phone
  • Housecleaning service
  • Pretty makeup bag
  • Working mom magazine

Gardening Mom

  • Garden tool storage cart
  • Watering can
  • Garden clogs
  • Kneeling pad
  • Seed packets or plant starts

Work-at-home Mom

  • Desktop organizer
  • Picture frames
  • Magazine holder
  • Stylish hook racks for charge cords
  • Work at home magazine subscription

Foodie Mom

  • Favorite restaurant gift certificate
  • Assortment of favorite condiments
  • Food item of the month club
  • Food magazine subscription
  • Gourmet food store gift card

Inspired Mom

  • Inspirational thought for the day calendar
  • Tear-jerker memoir or autobiography book or eBook
  • Seasonally scented candles
  • Photo posters with inspiring thoughts
  • Uplifting statuette or figurine

Techno Mom

  • Electronics charging station
  • Music/books/apps gift card
  • Smart phone portable keyboard
  • Gadget sleeves or cases
  • Tickets to local science and industry museum

Artsy Mom

  • Umbrella from a museum store
  • Biography of favorite artist
  • Tickets to a gallery exhibit
  • Art supplies of her own
  • Small prints of her favorite artwork

Sporty Mom

  • Baseball hat
  • Portable snack/drink cooler
  • Tickets to a game
  • Fashionable sweat suit
  • Bleacher seat cushion

Chef Mom

  • Cooking class
  • Cooking magazine subscription
  • Cooking tools in a vase with a bow
  • Cooking store gift card
  • Vintage cookbooks

Decorator Mom

  • Gift card to her favorite antique or decor store
  • D├ęcor magazine subscription
  • Interior design color wheel
  • Portable tape measure
  • Binders with sheet protectors for idea clippings

Thoughtful Mom

  • Monogrammed thank you notes
  • Beautiful kitchen apron
  • Floral air freshener spray
  • Potpourri in favorite scent
  • Lavender drawer sachets

Traveler Mom

  • Gift card to local international store
  • Passport holder
  • Neck pillow, eye-mask and ear plugs
  • Stylish luggage
  • Travel magazine subscription

Caffeinated Mom

  • Coffee making tools
  • Stylish and colorful mugs
  • Black tea assortment
  • Chocolate covered coffee beans
  • Coffee shop gift card

Crafty Mom

  • Craft tote bag or rolling case
  • Sketch pad to plan future projects
  • How-to book or eBook on favorite craft
  • Table top craft tool sorter
  • Craft magazine subscription

Christina Katzis a writer mom, a fitness mom, a gardening mom, an artsy mom, a foodie mom, an inspired mom and a decorator mom.

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