Katrina Cravy has been a household name in Milwaukee for the past two decades – as the Fox 6 consumer reporter, as a host of “Real Milwaukee” and as a regular guest on the WKLH Morning Show.

She recently left her day job to start her own business. Katrina’s years in the media gave her insight into what people need to do to get their businesses, their brands and themselves attention from the media – insight she shares as a public speaker, in coaching sessions and in her book “On Air: Insider secrets to attract the media and get free publicity.”

Her latest venture as a public speaker and coach to people and businesses looking to get attention in the media, is very relevant to the question of moms’ lives. She refers to “Women Rule!”, one of her “keynote conversations” as her “Rah Rah, Women!” speech: “I try to explain to women why we do rule the world. Would there ever be another Christmas or Thanksgiving if we didn’t put it on?”

And, of course, the planning of those holidays has to happen in between working, spending time at the kids’ activities and generally keeping life running smoothly – something Katrina is very aware of as she balances her work life and her family life with her husband Scott and their 11-year-old son Billy.

Here’s a look at just a few of the moments in a recent day for Katrina, the day of the photo shoot for the May MetroParent cover. (Dont' forget to check out our gallery of photos from the shoot as well!)

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6:15 a.m.: Since it’s a Wednesday, Katrina have to leave around this time to get to KLH (She is a regular guest on Wednesdays and Fridays.). She still has already been up for awhile, working, sometimes walking with her neighbor. She does KLH, then comes back home to pick up Billy from school for the MetroParent photo shoot.

11:00 a.m.: Katrina makes sure Billy has some mac and cheese for his lunch since he’s missing lunch period at school. She is the definition of a mom multitasker as she gives Bobbie (the MetroParent photographer) and me a tour of her house, introduces us to her cats, gives lighting suggestions and shows us possible outfits for Billy and herself.

Billy and Katrina pose for multiple photographs, lounging on the couch, playing with the cats, enjoying “breakfast” (a second lunch option for Billy of shredded wheat) and, one of our favorite locations, in front of and in the minivan while Billy lugs school books and his saxophone, and Katrina chats on the phone while holding her purse and laptop bag. This photo is particularly true to life as Katrina explains, “I live in my minivan.”

12:30 p.m.: The photo shoot is over and Katrina invites me to hang out in her living room while she runs Billy back to school.

When she gets back, we talk about her new business, her background, her family and how she balances motherhood and her career.

1:30 p.m.: Katrina has videos of one of her most recent appearances to edit to send over to a possible client. She works at home until it’s time to pick up Billy again.

4:30 p.m.: Katrina has to pick up Billy early from basketball practice in order to get him to piano lessons in West Bend by 5. They usually live on PowerBars in the car during these hectic days, but Billy thought he was getting Subway for lunch for some reason, and he was so good at the photo shoot that Katrina decides to run and surprise him with some Subway.

7:00 p.m.: Billy is practicing his saxophone in his room. Katrina hears her husband Scott go into the room, and they're laughing together trying to figure out how to play the opening notes to "Brass Monkey." She goes in there too and lies on Billy's bed while they all spend a few minutes laughing together. It's rare for them all to be in his room, which is small, so she knows this is something Billy will remember -- the whole family all talking about music, which is his love. Katrina explains, "We have to make an effort to do those out-of-the-ordinary things because those are moments kids will remember."

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