You've probably been to the Milwaukee Public Museum hundreds of times with your kids -- on field trips, visiting the butterflies, staring in awe at the dinosaurs, and of course posing for photos in the igloo.

The museum's new exhibit, though, Hidden Wisconsin, which runs now through January 8, would be great to check out with your significant other on a date. Sure, there are cool things for kids to do (searching for the hidden clues to decode a message, drawing your own picture to post on the "hidden Wisconsin" wall), but many of the topics in this exhibit are fascinating to experience and discuss as adults.

HIdden Wisconsin is billed as an exhibit revealing secrets about Wisconsin that you never knew. Highlights include learning about Great Lakes shipwrecks, looking into the history of groups whose voices have been silenced, such as Native American women and Polish American nomads, and laughing at the complete appropriateness of realizing that Milwaukee's mayors openly supported not-so-underground speakeasies during Prohibition.

For details about Hidden Wisconsin, check out the museum's website.

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