• 2 cups pitted Medjool dates, soaked in hot water for at least one hour (or overnight)
  • ½ cup salted almonds
  • ½ tsp pure vanilla extract
  • ¼ cup natural peanut butter
  • ¼ cup dark chocolate chips
  • 1 ½ cups oats
  • ½ cup M&Ms


  1. Combine dates and almonds in a food processor and pulse until combined. Add the vanilla, peanut butter and chocolate chips and pulse again. Mixture will be sticky. Place in a large bowl and stir in the oats and M&Ms.
  2. Using a spoon, scoop out heaping tablespoonfuls of mixture and roll into balls (makes about 24 balls).
  3. Place in the refrigerator for 1 hour before serving. Keep leftovers in the fridge. 

Yields 24 cookies

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