Looking for some fun ways to Halloween-i-fy your kids' lunch, dinner or snack this fall? Read on for some pumpkiny ideas!

1. Turn your kids' oranges into pumpkins. You can do this in two ways. Peel an orange, and stick a piece of celery in the top, and it will look like a cute little pumpkin for your own little cutie to eat. Or you can do a jack-o-lantern instead. Cut the top off an unpeeled orange, and spoon out some of the orange. Carve a little jack-o-lantern face into the orange skin, and fill up the hollowed-out part of the orange with your kids' favorite fruits.

2. Use those cookie cutters. Dust off your jack-o-lantern, ghost, bat and witch hat cookie cutters, and go to town. Of course you can use them to make Halloween-shaped sugar cookies, but that's only the beginning! Use them on tortillas to make Halloween chips, or after making your child's favorite sandwich, or to make Jello Jigglers, or to make biscuits, or French toast. The list really could go on and on!

3. Roll out some dough. Refrigerated biscuit or crescent roll dough is really one of the best ingredients for making fun food. Wrap up hot dogs in strips of dough and bake them up to make some yummy mummies. Roll out biscuits, add some sauce, cheese, and favorite pizza toppings to make jack-o-lantern face individual pizzas.

With just a little bit of creativity, you can make your kids' Halloween even more special!

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