One of the cool things about Disney World is that the kids can go on most of the rides.

Another cool thing about Disney World is that a lot of those kids rides are just as fun for the grown-ups -- like these 5 rides!

1. Muppet Vision 3D (Hollywood Studios): This 3D show has all the Muppets characters and their silliness that kids love. It also has all the grownup humor and references that the parents will remember from when they were kids, making this show something that kids and grownups will laugh at together.

2. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (Magic Kingdom): Adults may well remember that the Snow White ride that used to be at Magic Kingdom was super scary and probably not that great as a kids' ride. This new ride, a roller coaster, is totally for the kids. It's a great experience for a first "real" roller coaster as there aren't huge scary drops or upside-down moments. The kids will also love that the ride takes you through the Seven Dwarfs' day; you get to see them go to the diamond mines, come home from work and even sing and dance with Snow White. The parents will enjoy it too because, even though the coaster itself is tame enough for kids, it still has enough thrilling moments to have fun on. And nothing beats seeing your children's happy faces as they experience their first thrill ride!

3. Frozen Ever After (Epcot): This ride replaced the old troll ride in the Norway part of Epcot's World Pavilion. It's a water ride that takes riders through Arendelle with favorite characters Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Sven, Olaf and even Marshmallow the giant snow monster! Of course those millions of little girls who are completely enchanted by "Frozen" will be in love with this ride. But even grownups will appreciate the seamless theming and the truly impressive special effects.

4. Mickey's Philharmagic (Magic Kingdom): This 3D musical number follows Donald Duck through several classic Disney movies as he tries to retrieve Mickey's sorcerer hat. The kids will love Donald's funny antics as well as the special effects (like bubbles and wind) that really immerse the viewers in the story. Parents will love the clips from classic Disney movies they loved as kids, and everyone will love Mickey!

5. Toy Story Midway Mania! (Hollywood Studios): Riders get the opportunity to sit in a car as they're taken through a virtual carnival midway. They also get the chance to "play the games" as they use the launchers in their car to shoot virtual balls at cans and toss virtual rings. Kids and adults will both love competing against each other to see who scores the most points!

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