So what is a Disney World-planning mom to do when there are rides the family really wants to get on, but you weren't able to score the holy grail of Fast Passes to get you into the significantly shorter lines?

Why, embrace the line of course!

You can take advantage of Disney World's liberal carry-in policy by bringing in snacks and games. You could let the kids look at vacation photos on your phone, or even play video games if you're desperate.

But Disney World, master of customer service, has upped the ante by using its magic to make many of the queues themselves fun! So fun in fact that my kids actually asked that we not get Fast Passes so we could experience the wait!

Here are five really cool queues for kids' rides at Disney World.

1. Under the Sea -- Journey of the Little Mermaid (in the Magic Kingdom) has sound and movement-activated digital crabs that follow you throughout the line.

2. While you wait in line for Turtle Talk with Crush (in Epcot), you can wander around the room looking at the sea life in various aquariums -- from jellyfish to stingrays to eels. There are also kiosks with kid-friendly quizzes to test your under-the-sea knowledge.

3. Toy Story Mania (in Hollywood Studios) lends itself very easily to theming, and you won't be disappointed! You're waiting in line on a giant Candy Land board, and there are lots of fun toys to look at, and Hamm the Piggy Bank even gives you ride pointers!

4. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (in Magic Kingdom) line takes you through the Hundred Acre Wood with lots of interactive activities for the kids to do, like going through a play house, playing games in Rabbit's garden, sending toy bees on a journey to their beehives, and playing with "honey" on a wall.

5. The re-structuring of the Dumbo ride (in Magic Kingdom) really takes the cake as far as kid-friendly lines. When you get inside the circus-themed "big top" building, Disney cast members give you a buzzer (think the type of buzzer you have in a restaurant when you're waiting for your table.) Your place in line is held for you as you and the kids veer off into a circus-themed playground with a tower to climb, nets and tunnels to climb through, and lots of motion-activated sounds like trampoline-bouncing, cannonballs and dogs barking. Then, when it's time for you to get back into line, your buzzer will buzz, and you'll be close to the ride!

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