There are few things that attract kids (and adults!) to play more than a roll of bubble wrap.

Here are 3 ways to have fun with this inexpensive, awesome "toy!"

1. Bubble Wrap Walk

Lay down about four feet of bubble wrap on the floor. Try to figure out ways to get across the bubble wrap runway as quietly as possible -- without popping the bubbles. Experiment with ways that will work best -- tiptoeing, running across as fast as possible, crawling, walking backwards. Be creative!

2. Egg Drop

You know those science projects where the students have to build a container to protect an egg that's dropped from a height of several feet? How well do you think bubble wrap will work? (Hint -- it works pretty well!) Give the kids some bubble wrap, duct tape and an egg, and have them go to town, wrapping up the egg in whatever way they think will work best. Then, have the kids stand on a chair or a stepladder (outside preferably) and drop their eggs. Who was the most successful?

3.Just pop!

No restrictions, no rules, just give the kids a bunch of bubble wrap and tell them to pop it!

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