Kids love to be silly, and (sometimes!) it can be fun to be silly right along with them!

If you're interested in having silly fun with the kids, declare an opposites day! Here are 5 ways to be silly with the kids with opposites.

1. Switch up your meals -- Start the day with dinner and end with breakfast. The kids will think it's hilarious to eat their chicken nuggets or spaghetti after getting up and to end the day with their favorite cereal or pancakes.

2. Reward opposite answers -- Give each person 10 pieces of candy at the beginning of the day. Remind them that it's opposite day so whenever they would normally say "yes", they need to say "no" and vice versa. It can be surprisingly difficult to remember to say the opposite of what you feel all. day. long. Every time a family member forgets to answer in the "correct" manner, a piece of candy will be confiscated; see who has the most candy left over by dinner (breakfast), and follow the opposites day theme by letting them eat the candy as dessert before the meal!

3. Wacky wardrobe -- This is a no-brainer, but a fun choice -- wear your clothes backwards today!

4. Fun lessons -- Take the opportunity to get the kids to try out something they usually don't like in a silly way. Hey, it's opposite day -- you know you love broccoli, so let's eat it all up!

5. Trade places -- Choose an hour during the day where the kids do what you usually do during this time, and you do what the kids usually do. It may be a fun way to get the kids to do some chores, or, since you're doing breakfast at dinnertime, it's a good opportunity to have the kids make an easy meal so you don't have to cook. And, while we don't recommend that you do the kids' homework, imagine how nice it would be to take an hour to color, or maybe even take a nap!

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