A lot of people don't know that Betty Brinn Children's Museum isn't just in the business of providing awesome family-friendly exhibits for Milwaukee-area kids.

Sure, they do that, but the smart and talented people at Betty Brinn are also in the business of creating and building exhibits that travel to museums throughout the country.

BBCM just opened its newest traveling exhibit to Milwaukee kids this past week, Big League Fun.

The exhibit, which was developed in cooperation with Major League Baseball, goes well with its sports theme by giving kids lots of opportunities to be more active than in typical museum exhibits. They get the chance to see how fast they can run bases, field balls, pitch and throw, and even grab a bat and try their hand at hitting.

And all these experiences are paired with kiosks with coaches talking you through the proper techniques.

An added bonus is that the folks at BBCM designed all the experiences so that it's not just the little ones who can take part. Bigger kids and even adults can take the opportunity to physically challenge themselves as well, making the new exhibit one of the most interactive and most fun for the whole family.

The exhibit will be at the museum through spring, at which point it will start its travels throughout the country!

For more information about Big League Fun, check out the Betty Brinn website.

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