Kids are invited to jump right in and start doing physics in the new Discovery World exhibit "Physics & You."

That thought might seem a little daunting to us as adults who think of physics as something boring and difficult we sat through in a classroom in high school. But the whole purpose of the science museum's Greater Milwaukee Foundation-sponsored permanent exhibit is to introduce kids to physics in a way that makes it fun, accessible and not scary at all.

Six different interactive stations welcome kids to try their hands at activities that invite questions and experimentation as they teach specific concepts. Kids will learn about Newton's laws of motion while they make and launch their own air rockets and customize and race their own air cars. They'll expand on Discovery World's robust circuitry education which is usually on display in the Scouting programming, by connecting a maze of circuits to complete a connection. They'll learn about the relationship between force and air by cutting paper cups and putting them in an air column to see which permutations fly the highest.

One of the best things about the exhibit is that it's very intuitive. Kids see the different stations, and, without any instruction at all, are immediately doing exactly what they're supposed to be doing. And, as they experiment with the different homemade activities, they naturally come up with questions. The kids aren't learning by reading walls of text; they're learning by doing, they're using the scientific method, which is exactly what they should be doing at a science museum.

The exhibit, which is right next to the Kohl's Design It! Lab, also coordinates well with what the museum does through that program -- in both the new exhibit and the lab, kids are invited to use recyclable materials to make their own creations, figuring out how to perfect them as they work, and when they're done, they can either keep them or just throw them away -- they've had the experience, and that's what counts.

For more information about Discovery World's "Physics & You" exhibit, visit the museum's website.

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