For the last 50 years, the SafeHouse has been delighting visitors with its unique spy theme -- from needing the password to enter the restaurant to figuring out the puzzle wall, to exploring the building and all the cool spy memorabilia.

While many people think of the SafeHouse as an adult hot spot, the daytime hours cater to kids (or junior spies, as they're referred to). Kids are welcome to explore the restaurant (once they get clearance with the password at the entrance), there are table missions to do and a magician on hand to entertain. The staff also prides itself on interacting well with the kids, and there's a "spy-cialty" kids menu with favorites like a spy burger, chicken tenders, mini corn dogs and mac and cheese.

In honor of its 50th anniversary, kids eat for 50% off every Tuesday during October Junior Spy Nights.

SafeHouse also offers birthday party packages. They range from $12 to $18 per child, and include activities like personalized spy missions to go on, the birthday child being interrogated, and disguises to try on.

For more information about kids' activities at the SafeHouse, and specials going on during the 50th birthday, check out their website.

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