Your child is constantly being invited to parties, and giving the same impersonal gifts from the local big box store can get a little boring – especially when the birthday child is a close friend.

Here are some ideas to make birthday gifts that are more creative and meaningful.

Celebrate relationships

What do the kids love to do together? If they’re sports buddies, how about a soccer ball or football packed in a gift bag with a favorite sports drink? If they love to play dress-up together, fill a box with some fun vintage accessories and jewelry. If your kids raid the art supplies whenever they’re together, replenish the stocks with stickers, glitter and scrapbooking paper.

The gift of time

Why not give the birthday girl or boy something to look forward to when the party festivities are over? Invite him to accompany your child to the zoo, a favorite museum, or even just out to lunch and to the playground.

Picture perfect

Kids love to look at pictures of themselves. Look through your phone for some great photos of the kids together, and print them out for your child to make a special album for her best friend.

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