You know there's nothing sweeter than the smiles of your kids. What's the best way to show your kids how sweet they are?

1. Why does the tooth fairy get all the glory? Make your kids grin by letting them start the day with a special treat hidden under their pillows. A note attached to a piece of candy, a funny comic strip, a dollar bill folded into a cool origami shape, whatever will make your sweetie smile.

2. Give the kids the gift of one-on-one time. Make a date to spend an hour or two with just your child (If you have more than one child, tag team with your spouse or a close friend.) Take her out to a favorite store to do some window shopping, head to a nature center to hike on a trail, or spend some time in a favorite coffee shop or cafe. It doesn't matter where you go as long as you take the time to have a relaxing chat.

3. You know how you're always telling your kids to eat whatever you cook for dinner, that you're not a short-order cook. Well, for just one evening, be a short-order cook. Tell your kids you'll make whatever they want for dinner -- and deliver!

4. No matter how boring you find your child's favorite game, make the ultimate sacrifice and spend the afternoon playing it with him.

5. What could be sweeter than injecting a little bit of sweetness into each meal all day long? Sprinkle a few chocolate chips in her morning cereal, find some leftover candy hearts for lunch and let the messages speak for themselves, even allow her to eat her ice cream before her dinner.

With just a few easy out-of-the ordinary gestures, your kids will know that you see them as the sweetest ones around!

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