So, what to do when your child asks for a birthday party that doesn’t have a ready-made section at the local party store?

You know, the kid who isn’t so interested in Anna and Elsa; Iron Man and Captain America; or even puppies and kitties? The kid whose dearest wish is to have a party centered around her interests, which happen to be Amelia Earhart, Garfield (who is very popular on calendars and t-shirts, but not so much in party decorations) and fractured fairy tales.

Sure, you laud your child for her creativity, but you secretly think that your party planning life would be so much easier if she would be a bit more trendy.

The fact is that if you have a child who is creative in his interests, you’re going to have to take your lead from him and be inspired to be creative yourself!


When decorations aren’t readily accessible for the birthday child’s theme, tailoring the food can be a fun way to get into the spirit. Think about the theme and some fun options for food. For example, for the child who wants a Garfield party – well, Garfield loves lasagna, so that’s easy. In the comics, he’s always trying to catch the fish to eat, so how about Goldfish crackers and Swedish Fish for snacks? Garfield’s also famously lazy, so how about pigs in blankets or a cake shaped like a bed?


When the party store doesn’t have balloons, streamers and banners for the theme your child is interested in, have your kid pitch in to make your own! Print out the letters for your own birthday banner, and have your child color the letters in. For the child who is fascinated by Amelia Earhart, print out some small pictures of airplanes and aviator goggles to make the banner more festive. For that Garfield-loving kid, color the letters in orange and black, and add tails.


Games like scavenger hunts and relay races lend themselves well to any theme. The kids can search for “enchanted items” for the fractured fairy tale party. They can run to a station where they have to make paper airplanes and launch them for the Amelia Earhart-obsessed child. They can grab a sleeping bag, and run to an area of the yard to unroll it, set it up and “fall asleep” to evoke the laziness of Garfield.

A little ingenuity and creativity will result in a unique, fun and memorable party for your better-than-ordinary child!

Amy Schwabe has two daughters, and spends lots of time trying to keep up with their creative whims.

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