Discovery World prides itself on teaching kids important STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mechanics) concepts through fun activities, like photo editing after taking pictures throughout the museum, using high-tech techniques to build skateboards and guitars, and even learning about Lake Michigan by sailing on it.

There's not much that's more fun than learning through science fiction, and that's what visitors will get the chance to do on October 1 at Discovery World's annual Sci-Fi Family Day.

There will be tons of fun stuff for all the science fiction lovers in the family (and let's be honest, one of the cool things about sci-fi is that grown-ups enjoy it just as much as kids do.). Stuff like the Wisconsin Ghostbusters showcasing a Ghostbuster vehicle replica, the chance to admire countless costumes, and a light sabre demonstration and performance with professional stuntmen.

There will also be countless learning opportunities, including a chance for children to see that there are career opportunities available for grown-ups who are into sci-fi -- like board game designers, sci-fi book authors and graphic novel artists.

Sci-Fi Family Day will take place at Discovery World on Saturday, October 1 from 10 am to 5 pm, and participation is included with general admission.

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