Folks at the Milwaukee Film Festival are busy preparing for the 15-day showcase of 300 films being shown throughout Milwaukee.

The festival, which will take place September 22 through October 6, categorizes its films by such classifications as genre and audience, and the area’s kids won’t be left in the cold.

One of the festival’s programs is “Rated K: For Kids” and includes films that are targeted towards kids ages 3-12.

The six films in the series include:

Beauty and the Beast – Yes, you read that correctly. No, this Disney classic isn’t a new film, but the 25th anniversary of the first animated movie to be nominated for a best picture Oscar is a pretty perfect time to watch it again. And, for the film festival, the movie’s being presented as a sing-along!

Kids Shorts – Kids are no stranger to short films. From the Mickey Mouse mini-films that have been shown in movie houses for decades to the hilarious shorts that set the stage for Pixar movies, these condensed-in-size movies are perfect for those with shorter attention size – both young and old!

The Film Festival is presenting three different series of shorts, categorized by age group.

Kids Shorts: Size Small – These 13 animated shorts are for the youngest moviegoers, and since one of them is based on a book (“Perfect Piggies”) by popular children’s author Sandra Boynton, kids will likely be familiar with at least one of them.

Kids Shorts: Size Medium – These nine shorts include not only animated, but also live action, documentary and fiction selections. Medium-sized kids will also have the chance to watch a film based on a popular children’s book – “Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs.”

Kids Shorts: Size Large – There are nine animated and live-action films included in this set for older, more mature kids, and the genres are varied – from fiction to documentary, including two that are described as inspirational documentaries. And, older kids will have the chance to reminisce about their early childhood as yet again, a film is based on a children’s book – this time, the classic, “Stone Soup.”

“Oddball” is a comedy made in Australia, and its main characters – a white dog named Oddball and the endangered fairy penguins he protects – will appeal to children’s love of animals and all things adorable. There’s also an environmentally conscious message that will resonate with the youngest conservationists.

“Phantom Boy” wraps its more serious content of a child who is receiving chemotherapy into a more kid-friendly package of superheroes and a graphic novel feel, which will help kids to understand that heroism is in all of us.

Visit the Milwaukee Film Festival’s website for show times, theater locations and ticket information.

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