Ultimate Dinosaurs, a new exhibit at the Milwaukee Public Museum, features 20 newly discovered breeds of dinosaurs, including Giganotosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex's bigger, badder cousin. 

Based on research from scientists around the world over the past two decades, the exhibit tells the story of unusual-looking dinosaurs that evolved in isolation in South America, Africa and Madagascar. It also tells the story of how the supercontinent Pangaea broke into the continents we know today.

Visitors can look, feel and see how massive Giganotosaurus was, as well as the other new breeds, through the use of augmented reality technology. Full-scale dinosaurs will give visitors a real feel for these beasts!

The exhibit officially opens Sunday, Feb. 7 and will run through May 15.

Ultimate Dinosaurs admission is $7/adults and $6 for ages 5-13 in addition to regular museum admission. Children 4 and younger receive free admission.

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