Pretty much every child loves dinosaurs at some point during childhood. These big, scary and extinct creatures continue to fascinate us even through adulthood. 

Here are some travel destinations in Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin to check out if your child (or yourself) love dinosaurs.

And be sure to head over to the Milwaukee Public Museum for their exhibit "Ultimate Dinosaur," which opens Feb. 7 and runs through May 15. 


Burbee Museum of Natural History

737 N. Main St., Rockford

Home to a teenage Triceratops and a juvenile Tyrannosaurus Rex, this museum will host PaleoFest, a STEM program that celebrate paleontology.The event, which is March 11-13, is for both children and adults, offering a variety of activities and programs. 

Chicago Children's Museum

700 E. Grand Ave., Chicago

Visitors can explore a re-creation of the Saharan expedition where Chicago paleontologist Paul Sereno discovered a new type of dinosaur. Kids can dig for bones in the excavation pit and learn what it's like to be on a dig.

Field Museum

1400 S. Lake Shore Dr., Chicago

Chicago's Field Museum is home to Sue, the largest, most complete Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton in the world.


Science Museum of Minnesota

120 W. Kellogg Boulevard, St. Paul

The museum has an 82-foot Diploducs and one of only four real Triceratops on display.


Dinosaur Discovery Museum

5608 10th Ave., Kenosha

It's all about dinosaurs at this museum, which offers free admission to all visitors. In addition to dinosaur skeletons, kids can participate in Dino Digs every Saturday and Sunday from 1-4 p.m.

Milwaukee Public Museum

800 W. Wells St., Milwaukee

MPM is home to the world's largest-known dinosaur skill and a life-sized replica of Tyrannosaurus Rex. From Feb. 7 through May 15, the museum will host a special exhibition, "Ultimate Dinosaurs," which will showcase research from the last two decades using technology and full-scale dinosaurs.

University of Wisconsin-Madison Geology Museum

1215 W. Dayton St., Madison

Visitors can see behind the scenes as staff and students prepare dinosaur fossils from Montana and Wyoming. Admission to this museum is free!

Weis Earth Science Museum 

1478 Midway Rd., Menasha

Visitors can explore the Dinosaur Den and see a dinosaur nest, a life-size skull replica of Stan, a Tyrannosaurus Rex, a thigh bone of a duck-bill dinosaur and a complete Psittacosaurus.

Are we missing your favorite dinosaur destination in one of these three states? Let us know! Email Liz at with the information.

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