In MetroParent's edu-tainment feature, we highlighted MKE Mixers, a partnership among Milwaukee County librarians that shares a mobile makerspace for library programming.

There are a variety of maker spaces and activities in the Milwaukee area. Here are our top 5 picks:

1. Kohl's Art Generation: At the Milwaukee Art Museum, the Kohl's Art Generation program has multiple opportunities for kids to make their own artworks. From the Gallery which allows kids to make art based on one of the current exhibitions to the Open Studio, which features a different art-making theme each month, to the Lab, which encourages kids to make art based on the museum's Haitian art collection, there are plenty of make-it-and-take-it opportunities here!

2. Be a Maker Space: The Betty Brinn Children's Center has a dedicated makerspace for kids. Under the guidance of qualified makers, kids have the opportunity to use high-tech tools and equipment and use their creativity and ingenuity to make their own technological masterpieces. BBCM has open making sessions in the mornings and after school, some of which are themed according to the season -- such as growing a hydroponic garden and working on garden art.

3. Kohl's Design It! Lab: Discovery World is home to a lab with a menu of DIY projects for the whole family to enjoy. Team members help visitors use tools like laser cutters and vacuum formers to make 3D products to take home, things like custom jewelry, resusable lunch bags and sketchbook bindings.

4. Walkup Workshops: Of course the Kohl's Design It! Lab is pretty cool, but there are even more projects for your little makers to do at Discovery World. The science museum has walkup workshops available every weekend in its various labs. You can do things like make your own plastic out of potatoes and corn in the THIRST Lab or make origami tulips that change color in heat and light in the Brady Lab.

5. Library Mixers: And, of course, there are the MKE Mixers activities themselves. The events, which take place at Milwaukee County libraries, range from making your own glow-in-the-dark clothes to working with robots to making stop-motion videos and lots more!

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