Want to try something new with your Easter eggs this year?

Here are three unique ways to decorate your Easter eggs.

1. Head out to your local Target or Walmart to buy some chalkboard eggs (along with chalk) or some plastic white eggs (They're dyeable!). Coloring these eggs rather than the traditional hard-boiled ones are a great alternative for little hands that are prone to dropping fragile things, and a godsend for kids with egg allergies!

2. Let your kids experiment with texture. Give them some paint and brushes along with some things that create cool textures. Think uncooked rice, torn-up pieces of tissue paper, even little bits of play-dough or glitter. The kids can mix the items with the paint and decorate their eggs!

3. This one is a little old-school, but it never fails to thrill kids (and adults!) Before dipping the eggs in the cups of dye, give the kids a white crayon to draw designs on the eggs. The wax design will show up brilliantly when the egg is dyed!

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