The Easter Bunny sometimes runs out of ideas for stuffing those baskets and plastic eggs for the hunt.

Well, moms and dads, just in case the Easter Bunny comes to you for ideas for what to get your kids, here are some ideas to pass on!

1. Egg hunts for master builders

Tired of putting jelly beans or coins in the plastic Easter eggs? How about getting a small LEGO set and then putting a few of the LEGOs in each egg? The last egg in the hunt or the Easter basket can have the instructions for the set in it. The egg hunt will become a scavenger hunt, and once your kids have found everything, they'll be all set to build!

2. Solution for oversized Easter gifts

What to do with a super exciting Easter gift that's too big to fit in the Easter basket, or for that gift that won't really work in a basket? How about just leaving a clue to where it is? If your lucky child is getting his favorite ice cream flavor, avoid the melted puddle in the basket by taping a photo of a refrigerator to an ice cream cone. If a bike is on your child's Easter morning wish list, put a bike bell in the basket, and she can probably figure out that the bike is outside!

3. Useful baskets

I'm not a huge fan of needing to store Easter baskets all year long only to use them once. That's why I love the idea of replacing the traditional Easter basket with a useful container and filling it up with themed items. Like seeds and garden tools in a flower pot. Or sand toys, sunglasses, bubbles and a new swimsuit in a beach pail. Or, my favorite, microwave popcorn, popcorn toppings and mix-ins, and blue-rays of favorite movies in a popcorn bowl.

4. Hunt for your basket

How about turning the Easter egg hunt into a scavenger hunt with the basket as the prize? Put clues in each plastic egg which lead to the next egg, and the next, and the next, and the next, until culminating in a beautiful basket filled with treats!

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