Have a stay-at-home party planned with the kids for New Years Eve?

Let’s say you start the festivities at 7, and you’re actually planning on making it to midnight. Here’s something to do every hour of your countdown until you get to the actual countdown!

7:00 – Watch home movies of this year’s holiday festivities. Kids love to see themselves, so it’s an added bonus if you want to add previous years and ooh and aah over how cute they were!

8:00 – Blind taste test time! Do your kids swear they know every type of candy ever invented? Or that they could tell the difference between different types of sodas blindfolded? Put everyone to the test! Blindfold people, give them a taste of something, and see if they can tell what it is. A fun twist – Give everyone different flavors of Skittles and add holding your nose to the blindfold. It’s really hard to tell what flavor it is when you lose your sense of smell!

9:00 – Use the leftover candy from your taste test to teach the kids how to play poker – for candy!

10:00 – It’s likely your kids are winding down about now (unless of course you let them eat quite a bit of the candy from your previous two hours’ activities!). If they’re bound and determined to stay up even though they’re tired, it’s probably time to do something a little active. How about a scavenger hunt around the house? Or an active game like Charades?

11:00 – Make sure you have everything ready for the final countdown. Have the kids get the noisemakers together and passed out to everyone. Let them make confetti, gather Silly String, and make some streamers. Yeah, it’s messy, but it’s the New Year!

12:00 – Ring in the new year with some noisy fun, sparkling cider, kisses and hugs, calls to grandparents, and then send your little revelers to bed!

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