We adults know all about making New Year's resolutions. But what about the kids? It can be a valuable learning experience to help your kids make resolutions as well. To think of goals they have in the new year. To make some plans for 2017.

Here are 3 ideas for helping your kids make New Year's resolutions.

1. Have them think up things they had challenges with in 2016. Try not to shame them at all. One way to make sure they don’t feel bad is to talk about how everyone has challenges, including you. Give them some suggestions of things you could have done better in 2016. Even ask for their input on what you could do better!

2. With your list of challenges in hand, help your kids think of some things that they could do to be better in 2017.

Think of some specific things too. Had trouble keeping your room clean? Set a goal of cleaning up 5 things every day after school.

Had trouble getting along with your brother? Set a goal of saying one nice thing about him everyday.

Mom or dad had trouble remaining patient? Make a practice of counting to ten before reacting to tantrums or whining or complaining.

3. Make up some fun resolutions. Think of this as a New Year's bucket list.

Have the kids think of a few things they've always wanted to do. Plan one or two realistic things like trying fun new foods, or visiting a new restaurant or park.

Add a few crazy things to the list as well like climbing a mountain or a trip to Disney World -- you never know what the new year will bring!

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