If you're thinking about spending New Year's Eve at home watching movies with your family, you're not alone!

Redbox recently released survey results that show that more than 90% of respondents like the idea of dinner and a movie at home for New Year's Eve, and that 70% will watch a movie at some time this New Year's Eve weekend.

Redbox also revealed that there are two pretty good kids' movies on the list of top ten rented movies in 2016 -- "Zootopia" and "Hotel Transylvania 2."

Plus, for parents, it can be really difficult to enjoy the same types of New Year celebrations we had pre-children. Going out and partying is not always an option when we have those lovely little children at home who are just as excited to ring in the new year.

Another holiday idea? In the runup to Christmas, it can be hard to fit in all the great holiday movies you want to watch with the kids along with all the shopping, wrapping, parties, and prep that needs to get done. Why not take advantage of the relative calm you have on New Year's Eve to watch one of the holiday movies you missed? Here's our list, and here's a link to Redbox in case you want to run out and rent a DVD!

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