It's that time of year -- the time of year when your little darlings will be inundated with tons and tons of new toys.

Not only is there not enough room in your house to accommodate all those new toys, but all of our kids have plenty of toys that are in good condition but that aren't played with that often. It's the perfect opportunity to teach your kids about giving to others who are in need -- at the perfect time of year to do so.

So, talk to your kids about giving to others, have them weed through the (good condition!) toys they're not so into anymore, and get them involved in donating them. Here are some ideas.

1. Donationtown.org -- This clearing house for charities allows you to choose a charity to donate to, and then to schedule an appointment for your donations to be picked up right from your house. A truck will pick up your donation and leave you a tax deduction receipt.

2. St. Vincent dePaul Council -- You can visit their website to find area stores to donate to or to schedule a pickup. Some area stores are:

4476 S. 108th St., Greenfield -- 414-377-9077

2320 W. Lincoln Ave., Milwaukee -- 414-672-2040

3. Salvation Army -- There are tons of options for Salvation Army donations. And this is another one that will schedule donation pickups for your convenience. Here are just a few examples of locations that accept donations onsite as well.

7713 W. Greenfield Ave., West Allis -- 414-453-1267

8008 W. Brown Deer Road, Milwaukee -- 1-800-SA-TRUCK

4901 Washington Ave., Racine -- 262-637-2132

4. Goodwill -- This is probably the organization most people think of when donating their used clothes, toys and household items. There are tons of locations that accept donations. Check their website for the one closest to you. Here are some options.

6055 N. 91st St., Milwaukee -- 414-353-7900

1400 Nike Drive, Waukesha -- 262-547-5023

3540 S. Moorland Rd., New Berlin -- 262-641-8868

5. Lake Country Caring-- At this facility, volunteers organize and give away toys, clothes and household items to those in need (it is not a resell site).

603 Progress Drive, Hartland -- 262-367-6670

6. Local churches and schools -- Most homeless shelters, children's hospitals and places like Ronald McDonald House and Toys for Tots only accept new toys, but it's worth checking with your church or local school to see if they're interested in gently used toys for their gathering areas, child care rooms and preschools.

7. Host a garage sale -- If you can't find an organization you would like to donate your toys to, but there's a charity you and your kids are excited about donating money to, how about going through your kids' toys, clearing out a space in the basement or garage for them, and hanging on to them until the weather warms up enough to host a garage sale? And make sure to get your kids excited about choosing a charity to donate the money to!

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